Anna Tatu aka Edgwie

Join the community and watch the best artwork provided by the cheerful and beautiful Anna Tatu in her most splendid displays of beauty which are her high quality videos and sets (photo-shoots) as you like to call them.

Videos – Nicole Y or Anna Tautou

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch in full high quality your favorite model of all times in her best shape and her best works she’s ever done in the history of her entire career, this is by far the best she’s done and it will leave you wanting for more.

Edwige A
Anna Tautou
Anna Tautou

This beautiful girl under the name of Anna Tatu is a well-known model from Czech Republic, born in 1991 at 23 years of age she’s done countless photo-shoots and high quality videos from which she has been portrayed as one of the most beautiful girls from Eastern Europe.

She’s Caucasian and sporting long and brown hair which makes her a delight to just look at. With her white skin and green eye color the contrast in her shades is definitely something to stare in awe at.

Her measurements are 167 centimeters tall or 5 feet and 6 inches, she weighs 54 kilograms or 119 pounds and her body measurements are 32C – 25 – 36 in a chest to waist to hip ratio accordingly, in inches.

Now that being said this beautiful Czech girl is definitely something else, you will not keep your eyes from her and from all her gorgeous and beautiful work, she goes by the name of Anna Tatu remember and has no relationships with any other model or artist under the same name, she’s quite unique in that regard.

As some call she’s an artistic model and doesn’t bother trying to do anything beyond that, she’s done quite a few collaborations however with other gorgeous models that share the same mentality with her, you won’t find yourself wondering if she’s done any extra-videos or pictures (photo-shoots) because she hasn’t done a lot throughout her career as a professional model and artist.

Sometimes you will find yourself looking at her tons of videos provided here and wonder many things such as personality traits.

She’s quiet an extroverted person and you will often find her leading the scenes or leading the conversations in the sets and just generally being a complete party for all of the people involved in the making of these pieces of work, remember these are high quality videos from Anna Tatu which is something you have to keep in mind whenever you start to dig around trying to find more from her.

Some of her most famous works involve a bathtub and let me tell you that the teasers and low-quality versions are nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the real deal which is in full 1080p or 720p depending on your viewing preference and depending on your connection speeds and capacity within your computer to just download and get the best from her art-work.

Let me tell you that watching the full versions and everything from her in the highest quality really makes you feel as if you are there, and it really even makes you experience and feel like you are being a part of the scene, it’s a totally different experience than watching lower quality videos and pictures from her and from any other model for that matter.

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