Gina Gerson aka Ivy

Take the beautiful Gina Gerson in full High Definition, ones of the best models from Russia, join the community of exclusive people that actually get to see her full material in her best shape ever!

Videos – Gina aka Doris Ivy or Lashkeeva Valentina

Look into her deep eyes and wander what it would be like to get the full experience that is Doris Ivy, the cutest and most charming model and actress ever coming from Russia.

Ivy Doris

The gorgeous Russian model and actress Gina Gerson aka Doris Ivy student from St Petersburg is definitely a rising star in her industry, she’s been recruited by the best modeling agency we can think of and has been producing incredible content ever since. From High Quality videos to high resolution pictures also known as “sets” she’s been surprising us with her beauty.

Nothing can compare with this model which is definitely going to take over the industry in a matter of a few years, her looks and charming, cheerful but down to earth personality definitely sets her apart from any other model we know so far.

It will be hard to take the crown as one of the top models of these amazing modeling and acting agencies as her youth (22 years) and cuteness are definitely something to look out for, she’s setting the bar quite high for others to take her crown.

So how’s she like?

Well she’s just fun in general, her personality is charming and aside from being beautiful in any way shape or form she’s definitely a blast to hang out with, you can see her true personality in the youtube videos linked below; even though you’ll get a more intimate reality when you see her best content online inside the production companies that make her stand out more than anyone else in the industry… Or any industry for that matter, she’s just amazing!

So if you are a real fan of her you might know that she’s done some acting productions, although being of the same nature it’s a setting of the WWII and really takes you in as a part of the actors that are playing their roles, or actually being right there as if it was true, it’s a very unique piece of artwork that not many models (or none at all) do in their lifetimes simply because they can’t pull it off to make it look as convincing as our beautiful Gina Gerson makes it to seem.

While it’s true that many who follow her have found several look-a-likes the real Gina or Doris is a sight to be seen and cannot possibly be confused with anyone else; she’s just something else that is definitely a sight to be remembered even when the acting makes her turn into a completely different character. You will still recognize her from miles away simply because of her particular face that will remind you how amazing she really is, don’t hesitate to look for more of her work since it’s something you won’t regret.

So what work has she done that you’d like to see?

Well she’s done from the highest quality videos that make you feel as if you are there with her, to the most artistic pictures that make you want to frame them and have them in your house all over the walls simply because how beautiful they really are. Trust me whenever you see her work in high definition you won’t ever have enough of her, its countless megabytes and hours’ worth of material for you to look at and enjoy.

You may wonder if she’s ever done more work, and yes for sure she’s done tons of work and we thrive to try to bring you everything however we don’t know where all that work rests and we are slowly but surely bring it to you, just keep looking here for more content every now and again.

It’s truly a blessing to know that she’s done so much work herself that floods us with the highest quality media all over the internet making you feel really close to her and her beauty and most of all, her charming personality.