Little Caprice aka Marketa

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Videos from Marketa Stroblova or Kacey

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Little Caprice
Marketa Stroblova
Kacey Caprice

Guess what we have in here, yes that’s yet another Czech Beauty called Little Caprice, she’s been in this industry for a while now (just a couple of years) and has definitely made an impact on her modeling and acting career. There’s nothing stopping her right now so the wisest thing is definitely to dedicate this page for her so you get to enjoy all of her work as in videos, pictures, sets, everything.

Let’s talk a bit of the background of her, she’s a model that initiated her career in 2008 at the age of 20 after studying to become a nutritional specialist. She began working soon after graduating in the food and beverage industry until she was introduced to the modeling and acting industry and it took off from there.

She was born in October 26th of 1988 being a scorpio sign, Her real name is Marketa Stroblova. Sporting long brown hair with brown eye colors she is 160 cms tall or 5 feet and 3 inches. Weighs 90 pounds which is 41 kilograms and her measurements are 32B-25-34 in chest – waist to hip ratio, all this being measured in inches.

At one point into her life she had some kidney failures and was left outside of the business and the industry in general as she quit to recover only to come back even stronger than before which is a great feat that many should learn from.

So what has she done?

She’s done from all kinds of Little Caprice High Quality Videos to HQ pictures, high definition photo sets, so basically you can find her all over the web in various different other websites where her work is portrayed as the art it really is.

Her beauty and charm is definitely something else that shouldn’t be overlooked by many and there’s definitely something about her that charms everyone around as soon as she’s seen in camera or in person.

You’d be pleased to meet her as she’ll most likely brighten up your day and definitely leave a mark in your life.

She’s gorgeous and that doesn’t only show through her look but it shows even more through her personality and how she makes us feel through a camera. The sensation isn’t the same as watching her in person but it’s definitely up there in terms of impact, definitely not something to miss out from.

Keep in mind she’s very young and although she’s not as young as other models in here by terms of just a couple of years she has the built of a teen which is why she’s most known for her name “Little Caprice” which is a trademark at this point in any modeling agency and production company.

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