Paula Shy aka Christy Charming

You’ve probably heard of Paula Shy also known as Paula Lee, she’s definitely something else and she’s done amazing works already, she’s a gorgeous model you definitely have to keep your eyes on as she delights you with her beauty interacting with many different either other models or some other “objects” in her best videos ever produced.

Videos from Paula Lee aka Paola de Sousa

Have a look at these amazing high quality videos & pictures and get the experience of full high definition content for this beautiful girl that comes from the Czech Republic doing some damage to the modeling and acting industry.

christy charming
paula shy
paola de sousa

Make some room for this upcoming model and star, the actress known as Paula Shy aka Christy Charming. This young star from Czech Republic is surprising every agency and production company at only 21 years old. Born in November 13th 1993 she’s been going on and off the modeling career however the productions she has managed to do, the high quality videos and high definition photo sets (pictures) have astonished the audience in ways no one would have ever imagined.

She’s a Caucasian/brunette young beautiful star that sports brown hair color and gorgeous brown eyes. Being relatively small at 157cms in height (5’2” -63 inches) and having a 30C-24-32 while weighing 47 kilograms or 108lbs. That has not stopped her from leaving every single agency and director in awe at her beautiful performances and incredible discipline and personality. You know that’s what they say about Scorpios.

However looking back at her measurements you can tell why she’s so incredibly successful in the modeling industry, having such a small waist and a big C while keeping her back small and slim; truly beautiful figure that she’ll keep throughout the years, especially considering how young she is.

Paula Shy’s highest quality videos and pictures are spread throughout the entire web, you can find them in many websites however we try to bring you nothing but the best and take pride in that, so we are gathering and presenting to you the best performances she’s ever done throughout the little years she’s got in this modeling and acting industry considering she started at a very young age; which is also why she’s so gorgeous.

The best videos from Paola de Sousa which is also one of her many nicknames as we’ve learned with these artistic models are found in just a selected few websites that you can find throughout our banners and special links.

She’s done tons of videos and photo shoots throughout the months she’s been at it (as said before it’s an on and off thing for her) and I have to tell you that her performance makes you feel in the middle of the video or as if you are the photographer or even better she’s in a hand’s reach from you, which is something not every model and actress can pull off for some reason; well, not her! Definitely not her!

You will feel literally immersed in her charm and her simply charming personality (as her other nickname says) and you will see what I’m talking about, as it’s something rather unique that you won’t get to experience with many models or actresses for that matter, only the top of the top actresses are the ones that manage to get you so involved into the scenes and pictures that you feel right in there with them, being simple high quality videos or high definition sets, there’s always room for something special far beyond simply posing and staring at a lens as many photographers make it look like.

Luckily our young Paula Shy has had the opportunity to work with the best in the market to really enhance her personality through different media from all over the internet.